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I am purple today.

In solidarity.

No more suicides by gay youth. When you die, they win. You are loved, no matter what.


I had to say no to my brother...

After living with us for about a year, my brother finally moved out and into his own place. In order to facilitate his independence from us, we decided to give him a subsidy that declines and eventually disappears over a few months. Even with that, we still put up the money to get him into his rental, and not an insignificant amount, either...

The budget I worked out for him, which includes a little money for unexpected expenses within his budget, puts him at being able to save in the neighborhood of $400-$700 each month.

Here it is the second month into his lease, and already he's going to be late paying the rent.

After all the help we've given him (and most of it was GIVEN, without the expectation of a return) I can't help but feel that he's just not manning up, and I'm a getting a bit tired of it.

So this time around, I told him how it was and informed him that he's going to be have to be responsible and we're not going to bail him out anymore. He has the means to help himself, and at age 45, it's about time he started doing it.

What I'm up to so far today

Just finished dialysis. Off to get echo cardio gram, then to get some cryoprecipitate and then have a port put in to be able to receive treatment. Busy day!

I are geek!

I'm getting a centrifuge for home use with dialysis!

Where's Matis At?


RIP Billy

Sorry to read that Billy Mays passed away in his sleep last night. :(


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The handle I am using there is moofedma.


I think my head is going to asplode

According to this article, Dick Cheney supports marriage equality.



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